Some degree of jaundice (yellowish discoloration of the skin and eyes) is common and not abnormal for your newborn baby, especially if breastfeeding. If it becomes significant, we occasionally must treat your baby with special light therapy, which may delay discharge home from the hospital. Occasionally, we must follow blood tests for jaundice after discharge, or even re-admit your baby for therapy if necessary.

If you have been ill near the time of delivery, or if your water broke or leaked for an extended period of time your baby may need to be observed closely for any signs of infection. If necessary, your baby may need to be kept in the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Metabolic problems
Occasionally, infants may have problems with the level of blood sugar, calcium, etc. especially if you are diabetic or if your baby is very large for age or premature. Your baby can be treated for these problems.

Respiratory problems
Occasionally, a newborn infant can develop breathing difficulties of varying degrees, especially if premature. If this becomes severe, your baby can be better managed in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at All Children’s Hospital. We are very fortunate to have this specialized regional facility in St. Petersburg for expertise in the care of the sick newborn.

If babies are born before term the above problems and other may occur, and may require intensive care.