If your baby is gaining weight and growing appropriately, then your particular approach to feeding is working. Remember that your baby’s size is a function of his heredity as well as his nutritional intake. There is a wide range of normal weight gain, so do not worry if your infant seems significantly larger or smaller than another baby the same age. At each well baby check we will let you know what we think of your baby’s growth.

Most obesity in infancy is simply due to overfeeding. Nursing moms naturally terminate a feeding when sucking stops and thus obese breastfed babies are few. When there is left over formula, your baby does not have to finish the bottle. If your baby demands more volume or suckling, it is preferable to offer a pacifier. An overweight baby is not necessarily the healthiest one.

If your baby feeds poorly or does not appear to be growing well in the first 4 weeks, please feel free to come into the office for us to weigh him and evaluate if a problem exists.