Newborn Information


Congratulations upon beginning one of life’s greatest adventures- Parenthood!

Although it will be filled with new responsibilities, frustrations, and concerns, it will be full of countless joys and immeasurable rewards. Being a good parent requires time, effort and patience. It will be a challenge. It is hard to imagine the various demands and situations you will encounter until you have your own children. A new baby can be overwhelming, even scary. These feelings are natural – you are not alone! All parents have questions concerning infant childcare. Our guidelines are only suggestions. They are not the last word, for there are several approved and accepted approaches to the same problems. To prevent confusion caused by parenting suggestions from well-meaning friends, we feel that our advice combined with you own good common sense will be sufficient for you to handle most problems.

During the first few days after your baby comes home, try to rest and regain your strength. Hopefully reading our advice will make life with your baby more relaxed and carefree. The instructions given here will help you meet the needs common to newborn babies and will give you helpful hints on how to keep your baby healthy and happy.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any concerns that you may have during this exciting time. All of our doctors are not only trained in the care of newborns, they are also fathers and mothers themselves. We have all been there!

All of our physicians have hospital newborn privileges at Bayfront Babyplace. If you choose to deliver at another hospital in the Tampa Bay area, we will be happy to take on the care of your newborn after you have been discharged from the hospital.  Unfortunately, we are unable to take new patients from birthing centers at this time.