Best Steps to Be Prepared for Infant or Child Illness

No matter how healthy your baby or child is, it is likely that eventually you will have to deal with illness. Infants and children become ill from time to time, especially if they are exposed to other children who may be ill such as school or daycare. It is important that you are prepared for illness so that when it occurs, you are ready and able to handle it effectively.

Keep Medication on Hand

You should keep certain medications on hand. For infants, you should always have infant’s Tylenol in the cabinet ready to be used if your baby comes down with a fever. Older toddlers and children may take children’s Motrin instead of Tylenol if your doctor prefers it. Talk to your doctor at your child’s next wellness visit to discover what fever reducing medication they prefer you use for your child. You may also want to keep medication on hand for older children for colds, diarrhea, or constipation.

Have the Right Tools

Before you call the doctor when your child is ill, you will need to be able to give them certain information. You will need to be able to tell the doctor what the child’s temperature is as well as any other symptoms they are having. Make sure that you always have a thermometer at the ready. A thermometer that measures the temperature through the ear or across the forehead is a wise investment. These thermometers are not dependent on when your child last ate, drank, or vomited for an accurate reading. They are also more comfortable and easier to use than rectal thermometers for infants.

Have Important Numbers Ready

There are several important numbers you should have readily available. These should be posted on the fridge or in another prominent place, as well as in your cell phone contacts. You should have the number for your pediatrician on hand, as well as the after hours number for your doctor. You should also have the number for poison control and the local paramedics on hand in case of emergency.

If you have an infant, toddler, or small child that has been ill, contact us today for an appointment. We are experienced in dealing with a variety of illnesses and medical conditions in infants and children. We can also answer all of your questions and help you be prepared for the inevitable illness.