Best Steps to Be Prepared for Infant or Child Illness

No matter how healthy your baby or child is, it is likely that eventually you will have to deal with illness. Infants and children become ill from time to time, especially if they are exposed to other children who may be ill such as school or daycare. It is important that you are prepared for illness so that when it occurs, you are ready and able to handle it effectively.

Keep Medication on Hand

You should keep certain medications on hand. For infants, you should always have infant’s Tylenol in the cabinet ready to be used if your baby comes down with a fever. Older toddlers and children may take children’s Motrin instead of Tylenol if your doctor prefers it. Talk to your doctor at your child’s next wellness visit to discover what fever reducing medication they prefer you use for your child. You may also want to keep medication on hand for older children for colds, diarrhea, or constipation. Continue reading “Best Steps to Be Prepared for Infant or Child Illness”